Complete Plot Information – How to Check Khatian no And Maps is a portal to check online land records of the West Bengal – How to Khatian & Plot Information | Banglar bhumi RS-LR plot information | mouza map Plot information | Land classification | check Mutation case status and plot information request,  ROR request , Request GRN search.. Complete plot information

All you need to know about Banglarbhumi land And land reforms, here we mention all you need things discuss here. citizen service online detail information check here Also,

  • Application/ Receipt Reprint
  • GRN Search
  • Khatian & Plot Information
  • Land Classification
  • LR-RS Plot Information
  • Mouza map
  • Mutation Case
  • Plot Information
  • ROR Request
  • and finally Online application form

You can also get details of your by giving information Khatian & Plot Information, RS-LR plot information, land classification, mouza map and check Mutation case All you know about It….

What is Banglarbhumi?

Banglarbhumi is an online portal for land records introduced by the Department of Ministry of Land & Land Reforms of West Bengal.

To the Complete Information  about Banglarbhumi – One of the most popular websites used by the people in West Bengal is Ministry of Land & Land Reforms of West Bengal Banglarbhumi . This state is the pioneer of land reforms and the highest populated state in India. Since West Bengal has more agricultural reforms, getting information about a particular land is difficult.

This is the reason why Banglar bhumi web portal came into existence in 2010, which provides the updated information on lands and landowners. If the user wants to acquire the information about lands, then he/she needs to visit the

Wb Land website can be accessed through multiple devices like PC, laptops, Android devices, and mobile phones. It displays various kinds of information regarding mutation, Land Reforms, plot information, and many.

The website got well-familiar with the people in West Bengal because of its features of checking and finding the information online about Land and Land Reforms.

How to Sign in and Sign up Process In Portal :

Banglarbhumi West Bengal , new portal launches to access the portal with “sign in” option. so people should Register / Sign up in to portal. How to register / if you register what are the services, you can access. we should explain Here….

Banglarbhumi Sign in

Without Registration, You cannot sign in into the portal. And also you cannot access the Citizen services.

Here The Complete Information About Banglarbhumi Sign In / How to Sign up Procedure link should be follow…..

How to know Banglarbhumi Khatian & Plot Information?

Know your Property about By following the below steps you will get to know about Khatian & Plot Information. How to check Banglarbhumi Khatian & Plot Information Online.

Banglarbhumi 2019 To get started, you need to visit the official website :

  • After loading the website, look for the menu option which is present at the left side of the screen. Select the menu option.
  • Know Your Property can visible at sub menu, From the drop-down list.
  • Now, the page will be redirected to ‘Khatian & Plot Information‘.
  • Choose your district name from the dropdown list.
  • Select your Block name and name of your Mouza from the available list.
  • The page will be displayed with two options. You can search either by Khatian number or plot number according to your preference.
  • Click on the submit button after entering the number.
  • Banglarbhumi Khatian Plot Information finally you can view the entire details of  here.

How to know Banglarbhumi RS-LR plot information?

All the citizens and Landlords can get complete information with mouza maps to RS-LR Plot Khatian from the website. Banglarbhumi RS-LR plot information to view , If you want to know about the details of Revisional Settlement and Land Reform(RS-LR) plot information then you need to follow the steps.

  • Visiting the authorized website makes it easy to get all the required information for any user.
  • You can either go to the Banglarbhumi portal or wb Registration website.
  • A lot of tabs will appear on the menu bar like home, about us, DLRS, etc.,
  • You need to select the DLRS or Citizen Services tab.
  • Now select the Banglarbhumi RS-LR plot information from the loaded page.
  • You can see the fields like District, Block, and Mouza Map.
  • Select your district name, block name, and mouza name from the list of options.
  • Now the page will display two options:
    Sabek Dag > Hal Dag(LR Plot No.)
    Hal Dag->Sabek Dag(RS Plot No.)
  • Choose your required option and enter the respective Plot No. Click on the submit button.
  • Here, you can find all the required information about RS-LR plot. You can take a print of this information for further use.

how to find Banglarbhumi land classification?

land classification is referred as the Banglarbhumi valuation of Land information which is available at the citizen services option. This helps the user to know the valuation and other stats of the land.

  • Visit the Banglarbhumi website and click on the citizen services menu. You can find the columns on the left side of the website.
  • From the list of options displayed, select the Land Classification submenu.
  • To know about your land classification, select your district from the options.
  • That’s it! You will get to view the land classification code of your property and the classification of land.

What is Mutation and how to search Mutation case status?

The process of changing the ownership from one person to another person when a property is sold or transferred is known as Mutation.

The property will get changed to the name of the new owner after getting the property mutated. The revenue department and the government will charge the new owner for the property tax.

While changing the ownership property tax is one of the main thing to check before the agreement signing process. The payment process may vary from state to state. Banglarbhumi mutation of land information about You can get more details below:

The process of searching Mutation case status:

  1. Go to the website and get logged on it.
  2. Select citizen services from the home page and choose the submenu mutation state cases.
  3. The screen will be displayed with two options. One is Mutation case wise search and other is Deed wise search.
  4. Case wise search requires the information of your district, block, Mouza, case number. Enter all the details in the respective fields and click on submit button.
  5. The page will be loaded with the required information according to the case wise status.
  6. Deed wise search requires only two fields. One is the deed number, and the other is deed year. Enter these details in the respective fields and click on the submit button.
  7. And then the Final result will be displayed on the page according to the deed wise search.
    In this way, you can view the details of Mutation case status by using the Banglarbhumi website.

About plot information request:

Plot information is a service that helps the user to know the information about the certain plot by requesting the status. Banglarbhumi plot information about To Know about the plot information request, you have to follow the below steps carefully.

  • When , You have to visit the Banglarbhumi authorized website.
  • Search for the menu option on the home page of the website. It will displayed on the left side of the screen. Select the menu option.
  • From the drop-down list, select the submenu ‘Know Your Property‘.
  • Now, the page will redirected to ‘Plot Information’.
  • Choose your district name from the drop-down list.
  • Select your Block name and name of your Mouza from the available list.
  • The page will displayed with two options. Select plot information to get the details of the plot. Enter the plot number.
  • Click on the submit button after entering the number.
  • Banglarbhumi Plot Information you can view the entire details check out here  .

Banglarbhumi Warish :

To know your Banglarbhumi Warish Application and warish Application Status online. we are giving the step by the procedure of warrish Application filling  .

Banglarbhumi ROR request:

The State Government of West Bengal made ROR production as mandatory because of the fraudulent land transaction. During the state of land registration, every landowner must use Banglarbhumi ROR Request.

On August 2013, the Government has stated certain restrictions on registration of land which opposes the public policy. Banglarbhumi ROR page To know about the details of ROR follow the below steps:

Visit the homepage of Banglarbhumi portal: Action

  • Select the know your property option.
  • The page will redirected to the Khatian or land info page and then choose the must-see page and click on it.
  • This will provide you the information on using the portal.
  • After knowing the details of the portal, enter your district, name, and Mouza map details respectively.
  • While registering the land details you need to make an ROR production.
  • Enter the plot number and then click on the submit button.
  • And then you can view the complete details of your land if the records are available. If the records are not present, then the page will display a message saying that record not found.

Request GRN search

To verify your payment and register the case you require GRN search. The payment of taxes and non-taxes is maintain in the GRN status.

For any online application on Banglarbhumi, you need to pay the fees through online methods. For example, to apply for mutation process application online, you need to pay the fees online by visiting the online application of mutation cases.

If you did not get any response after the payment is made through online and want to check whether the payment is made successfully or not then follow the below mentioned two steps:

  • Visit the Online Application in mutation case process.
  • From here, click on the Application banglarbhumi GRN search.

You will get to verify the status of your payment. banglarbhumi GRN search using If the status is displaying that your payment is unsuccessful and, the money had debited from your account then you can register the case.

Banglarbhumi land revenue application

The land revenue application is also known as the Khajna application process. This is a procedure for the individuals and businesses who are looking to legally acquire and use land in India. The process is governed and maintained by state-specific laws and regulations, and may vary depending on the location and type of land in question.

to know more Land Revenue Application ( khajna ) how to fill and procedure

Banglarbhumi Online Application services:

Banglar bhumi website is also offering online application service which enables the user to submit their queries, registration requests and another process on the website.

It provides a beneficiary relationship between seller-buyer and government which reduces any conflicts about the registration and property status. In this website, a user does not have to face any sort of problems in the process of application and easily check the status of the property. Online application citizen services offer by west Bengal land reforms :

  • Know your property Khatian information.
  • Know your plot information.
  • Obtain your RS-LR plot information
  • Know the mutation case status.
  • Conversion application.
  • GRN search application.

With these services, the user can easily get any information about the property very quickly. Unlike ancient days, you are allow with e-commerce website which enables you to refer enormous information and receive a lot of services from the online website.

And Also Banglar bhumi website gives you everything bout the properties in the West Bengal. West Bengal is one of the biggest states with good real estate properties. Knowing the status, facts and ranges about property help you to save your time and proceed quickly throughout the process.

Banglarbhumi Conversion Application Status

On the Banglarbhumi portal, users can convert land from one type to another like non-agricultural to agricultural or Khatian to plot. The land conversion process in West Bengal is governed by various sections such as sections 4A, 4B, 4C, and 4D Land Reform Act, 1955.

As per the latest regulations, fees of conversion of land can be directly deposited via treasury challan / draft / DCR/ up to a maximum of Rx. 500/-

To know more Land Conversion Application Status Mouza Map :

Banglarbhumi Mouza Map using to know your exact location of your Banglarbhumi Map Details (khatian/plot map). how to check your Banglarbhumi Mouza map or Banglarbhumi map Online at official site.

To Know about the plot information request you have to visit the West Bengal land reforms portal

  • Search for the menu option on the home page of the website. It will displayed on the left side of the screen.
  • Select the menu option as “citizen service”,
  • From the drop-down list, select the submenu ‘Know Your Property‘.
  • Now, the page will redirected to ‘Plot Map request’.
  • Choose your district name from the drop-down list.
  • then Select your Block name and name of your Mouza from the available list.
  • The page will displayed with two options. Select plot information to get the details of the plot map. and also
  • Enter the plot number.
  • Finally Click on the submit button after entering the number.
  • And Also you can view the entire details of Banglarbhumi Mouza map Information.

Finally , for more details, you have to visit the west Bengal land and Land reforms portal Action.

Conclusion :

Finally we are thinking, we are giving Information should be useful and easy to understand the topic “ 2023 Complete  Plot Information”. For more information / you want any information about Banglarbhumi mention in comment box , we must give clear information about It….

Thank You…..

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