Banglarbhumi land classification Information at

Banglarbhumi land classification information at, This Bhumi records process will enable you know your property land classification code.. Land Classification

West Bengal land-Classification which means the Banglarbhumi valuation of Land. Since West Bengal has more agricultural reforms, getting information about a particular land is difficult.

This is the reason why Banglarbhumi website came into existence in 2010, which provides the updated information on lands and landowners.

The classification of land is often referred to as the valuation of Land which is available at the citizen services option. Then This helps the user to know about the valuation and other stats of the land.

You can make use of this service if you want to know the value of your land or any land within the State West Bengal. and Also For this, all you need to do is to follow the steps carefully which are mentioned in detailed.

How to find Banglarbhumi land classification?

The land classification is referred as the Banglar bhumi valuation of Bhumi which is available at the citizen services option. This helps the user to know the valuation and other stats of the land.

  • Visit official website
  • Sign in into Official website.
  • click on the citizen services menu. You can find the columns on the left side of the website.
  • From the list of options displayed, select the “Land Classification” submenu.
  • To know about your land classification, select your district from the options.
  • That’s it! finally You will get to view the Land code of your property and the classification of land.

It displays various kinds of information regarding mutation, Land Reforms, plot information, and many. The website got well-familiar with the people in West Bengal because of its features of checking and finding the information online about Land and Land Reforms.

For More details, visit official website :
What is land classificationBanglarbhumi Land Classification is a web application which means valuation of Land Information Etc..
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