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Launched by West Bengal Government, Banglarbhumi is a portal related to land reforms and records. It is also known as Banglabhumi. This portal is set up by the Land and Land Reforms department as well as the Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department of West Bengal. It is responsible for providing host services to the clients.

Banglarbhumi 2023

West Bengal Thika Tenancy Act of 2001 is being followed that provides for the acquisition of landowners. The portal can be used to stay up to date with land and property data and other information. The details about a certain property that can be obtained or accessed include; the name of an owner, value of a particular property, plot number, area of the land, et cetera. It cuts the time as well as efforts spent by the customers or users. it also helps Revenue Department to offer greater transparency and gain the trust of users.

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Services of

Let’s have a look at the services that are provided by Banglabhumi. You can also unveil more services by accessing the website. Information related to Land Distribution, Online Land Records, Digitization of maps, Digitization of records, Rent Controller and other related services is available on this portal. There are certain services for which you will have to pay the fee that can be paid online. To reach their website and know about more services at portal.

Lets Discuss the topics are :

Citizen Services :

  • “Know Your Property” Module, it enables any person can access the information on land records completely free of cost.
  • Plot information (Maps).
  • Tracking Online status of Mutation cases,
  • Also Mutation Notices Download.
  • Searching Status Of mutation cases through registered deed numbers,
  • RS – LR Plot Information and Vice Versa,
  • Delivery of Digitally signed certified copies of record-of-rights and Maps,
  • Online Application for Mutation and Conversion,
  • and Also Searching of Plots involved in litigation in revenue courts.

Sign up / Register in Banglarbhumi portal :

You want to Register in Banglarbhumi portal. Then they have to fill all the required fields in that form and submit the form. The Screenshot of the Public Registration Form is given below,

  • Open your browser , enter official website :
  • Now your in homepage and on the Top menu bar select “Banglarbhumi sign up” option located , click on it.
  • That Link will transferring a new page which is look like “Registration form“.
  • Note: Here people must give valid mobile number and valid email address in the registration form, Why because you can get one time password to your mobile .
  • please be careful to fill your details correctly.
  • Enter the registered email address and phone number where you’re to receive the OTP. The verification code will be sent to either of the two meaning the email and phone number should be active.
  • GIVE OTP which helps in the verification, Recheck your Details and press the submit button.
  • The system will now send a confirmation link to your email address where you’re to use for activation of the account.

Sign in :

Visit official website of banglarbhumi. In menu bar,

How to use the Banglarbhumi website?

Online citizen services can be accessed only if you know how to use the Banglarbhumi website. You will have to register yourself on the website or portal if you do not have an account before. Follow the further steps;

  1. You can find the Signup button at the center or the top of the website page.
  2. Create your profile by entering all the credentials that are required.
  3. Now signup for citizen services as a citizen.
  4. On the page, the public registration form will appear where you will have to fill in all the required information.
  5. After filling out the form, press the button ‘SUBMIT’.

If you are a departmental user, then there is a separate process to use the portal.

Citizen service Login :

  1. Login to the portal by using your username or password.
  2. Now select citizen services.
  3. Then select the ‘departmental user’ option.
  4. Enter your username and password.
  5. Verify your identity by putting captcha information.
  6. Then login to access the information you need.
Khatian and Plot Information
What Is Banglarbhumi – All you know About
LR-RS Plot Information
Mutation Case Status
Mouza map / Plot Map
ROR Request
Plot Information Search By Name
Land Classification
Land Conversion application
GRN Search Request and Application
Banglarbhumi Sign up Registration Form Filling
Citizen Service Login
Total List Of service explained here at Banglarbhumi info, we cover all above Topics Clearly Explained..

know your property

After logging in on the Banglarbhumi website, you will find a button ‘KNOW YOUR PROPERTY’ on the right-hand side of the page. To identify the plot, you will have to click on the option. Put the details about the district and block. From your land records, you can easily access information about West Khatian and plot information by filling in all the mandatory details.

Khatian and Plot Information

west bengal khatian plot information by name is a service that helps the user to know the information about the certain plot by requesting the status. you need to visit the Banglarbhumi official website

  • Now you are in Login page.
  • After loading the website, look for the menu option which is present at the left side of the screen. Select the menu option.
  • From the drop-down list, select the submenu ‘Know Your Property’.
  • Now, the page will be redirected to ‘Khatian and Plot Information’.
  • There are View selections are available , that are District, Block And Mouza.

LR-RS plot information

In West Bengal Banglarbhumi land records portal, the full form of RS is ‘Revisional Settlement’ and LR is ‘Land Records’. All the citizens and Landlords can get complete information with maps to RS-LR Plot number, Khatian no from the Banglarbhumi website.

  • Visiting the authorized website makes it easy to get all the required information for any user.
  • You can either go to the Banglarbhumi website or wbregistration website.
  • Sign in into the Official Portal.
  • Now select the RS-LR plot information from the loaded page.
  • You can see the fields like District, Block, and Also Mouza.
  • Select your district name, block name, and mouza name from the list of options.

Now the page will display two options:

  • Sabek Dag > Hal Dag(LR Plot No.)
  • Hal Dag->Sabek Dag(RS Plot No.)

Choose your required option and enter the respective Plot No. Click on the submit button.

JOMIR TOTHYA Banglarbhumi Mobile App

Users can easily download the necessary information about land records by using their application that is available on the Google Playstore i-e; JOMIR TOTHYA (Banglarbhumi Mobile APP). This Banglarbhumi Mobile APP or application is available in three different languages that including Bangla, English, and Devanagri. You can select any language for your ease. In a nutshell, the website and related applications are very easy to use to get all the information about the property and its ever-changing value.

RS-LR means?

In West Bengal Banglarbhumi land records portal, the full form of RS is ‘Revisional Settlement‘ and LR is ‘Land Records‘.

What is Banglarbhumi website URL ?

Banglarbhumi official website link is

How to Check Banglarbhumi Khatian & Plot Information ?

Visit Banglarbhumi official website.
1. login into bangalrbhumi portal.
2. select the submenu ‘Know Your Property‘.
3. redirected to ‘Khatian & Plot Information‘.
4. Choose your district name from the dropdown list.
5. Select your Block name and name of your Mouza from the available list.
6. The page will display into two options . You can search either by Khatian number or plot number according to your preference.
7. Click on the submit button after entering the number.