Banglarbhumi.gov.in is the site from which you can check the 30 days’ notice mutation case. This service is available under ‘Citizen Services’ tab. Here, I am discussing the way the check the 30 days’ notice mutation case in Banglarbhumi.


Banglarbhumi – The name in itself clarifies that this site has to do something with the state of Bengal. In the digital times, nothing can be left without digitisation. All the things are even now digitalised in the form of images, barcodes etc.

30 DAYS NOTICE MUTATION CASE source from banglarbhumi.gov.in official website

The days are gone when the legal works used to be time consuming and cumbersome. Now, the technology has taken over every aspect of life. Now, one doesn’t has to stand in a long queue to get a legal document or get legal work done.

Especially, in the case of West Bengal, the Government has taken robust steps to digitalize each and every aspect of the legal system. There is a dedicated site of the West Bengal government that deals with all the legal aspects related to land acquisition and vending. One just have to Signup on banglarbhumi.gov.in to get their work done. 

What is mutation case?

Whenever a property is sold or transferred to another person, a legal process takes place. The title of ownership changes. The title has to be changed each and every time a property is being transferred or sold.

How banglarbhumi.gov.in site helps in online mutation?

This site actually helps to know the mutation status of their land online. This site is backed by Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue (West Bengal). They give 24 hours service on this site, so one can check their mutation status at any time of their choice throughout the day.

How to check the mutation status online?

Well, the mutation status can be checked online in many ways: –

  1. Case Wise
  2. Buyer Name Wise
  3. Seller Name Wise
  4. Deed Wise

What is the online process to check the mutation status?

The online process to check the mutation case is very easy. Just follow the steps discussed below to know the mutation status online:-

  • Open any web browser of your choice and search for banglarbhumi.gov.in. In the search result, you will get the official link at the top. Click on that and you will be taken to the official page of the site.
  • On the page, search for the ‘Citizen Services’ tab.
  • You will see an option of the ‘Mutation Status’ in the drop-down menu. Click on that.
  • A new page will then open. Select the way through which you want to know the mutation status like case wise, deed wise or location wise etc. As the process to search is different for each method, I am discussing each method separately.

For searching case wise :-

If you want to search case wise, first you have to select the name of the district for which you want to know the mutation status.

Now, select the block number for the concerned district. Together with it select the mouza of your property.

As you are searching case wise, so you need to enter the case number now.

After entering all the details, click on the ‘Submit’ tab.

Instantly, you will be able to check the status of your mutation case.

For searching Deed Wise:-

For deed wise search you need to do the same. Just in place of case number, you need to enter the deed number and year.

                (C ) For searching location Wise: –

                If you want to do location wise search, either you have to do block wise search or registration office wise search. If in case, you do registration office wise search, you have to select the time span for which you want to make the search. Select ‘From date’ first and then ‘To Date’.  After making the selection of the dates, select the registration office and the district for which you want to know the mutation status. At the end, enter the given captcha code.

 For block wise search, look for the block and continue your search.

Banglarbhumi Portalbanglarbhumi.gov.in
Check Online Mutation status online

I hope, the process is clear to you. In case of any doubt, you can drop your message and we will revert back as soon as possible.