Query Search Feature in Banglarbhumi.gov.in

Query Search Feature using to know about particular plot information at Banglarbhumi.gov.in Portal Residents of West Bengal can access all the details related to land without visiting the place using the Banglarbhumi portal. Banglarbhumi Query Search The Ministry of land reforms has launched this website to make things easier to the public. It helps the … Read more

Banglarbhumi.gov.in Forms Application Available at Citizen Service

West Bengal Banglarbhumi Forms (Applications) Available like Mutation Application, Conversion Application, Fees Payment, and Application GRN Search All are available In Citizen Service’s at portal.. Banglarbhumi forms Government of West Bengal State has launched a new website Banglarbhumi. This portal allows the public to view the land records sin West Bengal State from anywhere anytime … Read more

MOUZA MAP APPLICATION Online at Banglarbhumi..gov.in

Mouza Map Application And Mouza Map Request Online at Banglarbhumi.gov.in Mouza Map If you own land, you must be knowing what a Mouza Map is. Well, it is a kind of map that shows the exact area of the land that you own on a piece of paper. Before the launch of the Banglarbhumi portal, … Read more


Banglarbhumi.gov.in is the site from which you can check the 30 days’ notice mutation case. This service is available under ‘Citizen Services’ tab. Here, I am discussing the way the check the 30 days’ notice mutation case in Banglarbhumi. 30 DAYS NOTICE MUTATION CASE Banglarbhumi – The name in itself clarifies that this site has … Read more

Khatian and Plot Information in Banglarbhumi.gov.in

Khatian and Plot Information means “KNOW YOUR PROPERTY” Check it online at Banglarbhumi Portal Banglarbhumi Official website gives a service of getting the khatian and plot information By name in detail . Banglarbhumi portal was created by west bengal government. But most of the people might often gets confused to get the desired information. Banglarbhumi … Read more